Mankind and nature in harmony

At Sunshine Village, we work and play in the heart of Banff National Park, an area so special, it is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sunshine and Parks Canada work together to ensure snow sports and our resort operations have minimal impact on this unique location.

We don't make snow; we farm it

Don’t bother looking for snow guns at Sunshine. They’re pretty hard to find. 

Sitting atop the Continental Divide provides Sunshine with an average of nine metres (30 feet) of Canada's Best Snow annually which reduces the need for snowmaking. At the beginning of the season, our two snow guns build up a base in the lower ski-out and the ski and snowboard school beginner area. 

Instead of making snow, we harvest it. Our trail crew strings more than 24 kilometres of snow-fencing which captures the stuff that nature sends us.


Sunshine recycles all beverage containers, paper, cardboard, metal and many other items. Butt-out containers are also available around the mountain to reduce cigarette litter.


Sunshine Village is a leader in water management and conservation. Since 2002, water use per skier visit has been reduced 29%. On peak days, per-skier water use is down 38%. And, in the new West Wing, water use has been reduced by 44% over the building it replaced. Electrical consumption is down by more than 20%.


Our snowmobiles are all low-emission four-stroke models, and this year Sunshine bought its first hybrid 4x4.

Sunshine Village also provides its staff with free bus transportation from Canmore and Banff to the mountain.

Because the Sunshine Mountain Lodge sits in the heart of Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort, you can be the first on the slopes each morning.

You will be staying high in the Canadian Rockies, at 2,200 metres (7,200 feet) in Canada’s first national park – so special, it’s part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Recent Environmental Awards:

  • 2006 Silver Eagle Award for Excellence in Water Conservation

  • 2006 The first resort in North America to be awarded the Responsible Tourism Award from Neilson Active Holidays

  • 2008: Heritage Tourism Award by Banff Heritage Tourism for our unprecedented efforts to teach workers about the environmental uniqueness of Banff National Park